“The impossible becomes possible when it is necessary.”
– Enette Pauzé

Human Beings Were Born on Earth,
but not Meant to Stay Here

Our World Isn’t Given to us by our Ancestors;
it is Borrowed From our Grandchildren.

For People who Want to Lead History.

We are interplanetary beings destined to explore the Universe and Unknown. We innately look upwards for inspiration for a reason. Every day we are tested to do the Impossible to survive and steward a legacy for future generations. Our ability to solve Impossibles in a generation, a lifetime and across multiple generations is necessary.
We can’t do it alone.

Community and Partnership Will Deliver on Your Legacy.

You’re working on Impossibles that may not be solved for 25, 50, 100, 200 or 1,000+ years. So are we. We are Alchemists. We see possibilities and potential where other people do not. We’re the ones thinking about the future, now. We are the Hidden Masters of Impossibles that work while the Masses sleep. We follow the tears of inspiration and the voice and whispers that only we can hear.

Make the Impossible Possible

This is a Community, a Unique Global Family of Affinity.

Connect to explore the Impossibles that the rest of the World doesn’t even know exist. We’re all different, and yet share a common mission – Transform the World, one Impossible at a time.

You’ll Find in our Community:







Impossibles are the stepping stones to never-ending destinations.

What are you working on?

Our Purpose is to Inspire World Leaders who Lead Global Legacies

Grow Your Network

Connect with Visionaries who have a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds, geographies and expertise.

Expand Your Thinking

We’re thinking about issues that have been deemed impossible. That takes a new way of thinking.

Exchange Ideas

Insights from others might be the idea that sparks innovation on your Impossibles.

Find Others with Astronomical Vision

With other purpose-driven people who care about solving the Impossibles the rest of the World hasn’t even heard of.

The Community is Just Starting; we Look Forward to you Being Part of it

As a World-class specialist in Value-Based Partnerships, master facilitator and global educator, Enette sees the art and science of her Mission.

This is a global Community of visionaries like you who want to lead history.

Dr. Enette Pauzé gathers Visionaries from around the World to tackle the Impossible. She inspires millions to work together to solve complex human issues while contributing to future generations. It’s a goal that matches the relay race you know your legacy will need. Like you, Enette sees beyond today and looks to the challenges and opportunities 25, 50, 100 or 1000+ years into the future.

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Time to make the Impossible necessary.